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¡ Global environment issues and timber

According to the gInter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change, the 4th reporth in 2007, there is no doubt that global warming is caused by human. In the above report, it is also stated that in 2100 the increase of average temperature is predicted to get 1.8 degree in the case of least gas emission and 4.0 degree in the most. A trigger of global warming has been pulled. Now that we are in the first term of Kyoto Protocol commitment (2008-2012), we should not hesitate to try any possible ways to reduce the gas emission no matter where you are from and no matter what you do.
Woodmiles is one way regarding the procurement of timber supported by those involved in forests, timber, and construction business.
Forest is a place of CO2 reduction. As trees grow, they absorb CO2 and keep sequestrating CO2 even after they are processed. Considering they are a material which requires less production energy, and a recyclable natural resource, there is no wonder they are often called geco-materialh. Also, they could be an answer to our society which heavily relies on fossil fuels---gBiomass-energyh, which is made from bio-resources including timber, is already gathering a huge amount of attentions.
Under the current conditions of forest and our style of timber consumption, however, it is difficult to make good use of it. With issues of destruction of forests and illegal logging, the idea of gusing timber is ecologicalh is doubtful. It is true that many programs, such as giving a forestry certificate to operators when they contribute to a sustainable management or giving a legal timber certificate to verify the validity of timber, are already active. Still, we all are requested to solve each and every problem surrounding forests and timber.

Carbon Discharge on Production of Materials for Construction of a House by Type of Construction
Okuma, M. (2003) gPreservation of Global Environment and Wood Utilizationg

wmf-02e Carbon Charge on Production of Materials of a House by Type of Construction
Okuma, M. (2003) gPreservation of Global Environment and Wood Utilizationg

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